Specials, Promotions, and Discounts


- Trifexis:  Buy a 12 month supply and get an INSTANT REBATE of $35

- Interceptor Plus: Buy a 12 month supply and get an INSTANT REBATE of $12

- Heartguard: Buy 12 months supply and get a $12 INSTANT REBATE

- Nexgard: Buy a 5 months supply and get 1 month free! Buy 10 months and get 2 free! Rebates available when purchased in conjunction with Heartgard.

- Oravet chews: Instant rebate of $3-$5 on 30 count boxes (dependent on size)

- Vetmedin: $50 INSTANT REBATE on purchase of 100 count 5mg Vetmedin


We offer discounted rates for routine vaccinations during specific clinic hours each week.  These hours are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 11:00am to 3:00pm.  During these hours a 10% discount is applied to vaccines only.  


Each month we promote a different aspect of animal healthcare by focusing on educating our clients and by offering discounts on specific services. Our monthly promotions are as follows:

  • January- 
  • February- 10% off dental cleanings and products
  • March- 10% off wellness labwork
  • April- 10% off 6 or 12 month supplies of heartworm prevention products. This includes flea/heartworm combo products. Does not apply to single doses
  • May- 10% off 6 or 12 month supplies of flea and tick products. This includes flea/heartworm combo products. Does not apply to single
  • June- 10% off microchipping- a permanent form of identification for your pet. www.homeagain.com
  • July- 10% off spay and neuter procedures
  • August- 10% off dental cleanings and products
  • September- 10% off wellness labwork
  • October-
  • November and December- Food Drive Discount- 10% off (up to $25) for donating 10 non-perishable items. Items will be donated to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.


When you refer your friends and family to our practice we are truly flattered. To us, that is the biggest compliment you can give. Thank you for trusting us to take care of those that are most important to you! As a special thank you, we will place a $20 credit on an existing client's account every time they refer a new client to the practice. The new client that they refer to us also receives $20 off their first visit!


Proper dental care is vital to your pets overall health. All too often dental cleanings are delayed or put off to a later date, leading to further deterioration and damage to your pets teeth. Much like visits to our own dentist, cleanings are much easier on your pet if they are performed BEFORE your pet's teeth are in disrepair. When your veterinarian recommends a dental cleaning for your pet during their annual wellness exam we will discount the procedure by 10% if you schedule within 30 days of recommendation. With this discount, we hope to encourage routine dental cleanings to keep your pet happy and healthy,



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