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Boarding Information and Release Form

If your pet is new to Needham Animal hospital, please fill out a "New Pet Intake Form" as well as the boarding registration form. This form can be found on the main Clinic Forms page. Please fill out a separate boarding form for each pet staying with us. Please note that pets from the same family are NOT boarded together overnight but may stay together during business hours. In order to minimize the time it takes to get your pet checked into boarding, please fill out this form, at minimum, one business day in advance of your boarding reservation. This will save you time at drop off. You are welcome to fill out the form in person or immediately before arrival but please allow for additional time at drop off if you elect to do so.

Needham Animal Hospital

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Required vaccinations/exams

Dogs: Distemper, Parvo, Annual Bordetella, Rabies vaccinations and a negative fecal exam within one year. Cats: Distemper and Rabies vaccinations and a negative fecal exam within one year. Exotics: Negative fecal exam within one year. If vaccinations are not current, the necessary vaccines/ fecal exam will be done at the time of admission.

Pet Information

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Reservation Information

Drop off and pick up times for boarding are Mon-Fri 7AM-4PM and Saturdays from 8AM-4PM. PLEASE NOTE that we have no hours for pick up or drop off on Sundays.

PLEASE NOTE: Cats must be in a carrier for arrival and departure. For the safety of your cat, yourself, and our staff we ask that you follow this important rule. If needed we have cardboard carriers available for sale.

  • Has your pet boarded at another facility in the last 30 days?*

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  • Have you already made a boarding reservation?*

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Flea Control

  • Is your pet on a monthly flea preventative? *

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  • (Please note that if fleas are noted on any boarding animal, that animal will be treated immediately with an appropriate product. There will be an additional charge for any necessary flea treatment.)

Feeding Instructions

  • Are you bringing food for your pet? If not, we provide age appropriate diets.*

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    ( Please note that switching diets suddenly can cause GI upset in some animals.)

  • Please enter how many times to feed per day
  • If once, when should we feed your pet?

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Bathing and Grooming

  • Would you like your pet bathed or groomed during his/her stay? *

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Medications and Special Instructions

  • Does your pet need any medications?* (Please bring medications in clearly labeled bottles. Medication can not be pre-mixed into meals.)

  • (Please include Date and Time)

Personal Belongings

  • (Please note that we provide bowls and bedding. We do not give pets anything that could be a choking hazard. If any rawhide or bones are left that could pose a choking risk they will not be left your pets enclosure overnight.)

    Please note that if you wish to leave belongings with your pet we will do our best to treat them with care. However, please be aware that these items may be damaged or soiled during your pet's stay. If possible, please write your name on any belongings left. Please do not leave anything irreplaceable.

Additional Services

The following services may be added to make your dog or cats stay more enjoyable. If you do not wish to add services daily, you may choose how often and on which days these services are provided. Please select any additional services you would like for us to provide below.


Base boarding prices are as follows: Small suite $40/night, Large Suite $45/night, Luxury Suite $55/night. This price includes daycare or 4 daily outside breaks.

  • Doggy Daycare (Mon-Sat)

    (Please note that a daycare application must be filled out and temperament test passed before dogs can participate in daycare.)

  • Canine Individual Playtime ($13 for 20 minutes)

    (Unfortunately we can not split one session into two ten minutes sessions but you are welcome to purchase more than one playtime session per day (up to two per day). Individual time is a great option for dogs that need some extra attention but can not attend daycare.)

  • Frozen Peanut Butter Kong ($5)


The base rate for feline boarding is $22/night.

  • Play in the kitty playroom overlooking the lobby ($7 for 30 minutes)

  • Feline Individual Playtime ($7 for 10 minutes)

Additional Services on Last Day

The base rate for feline boarding is $22/night.

  • If your pet is doing individual time or kitty playroom time, would you like this done on the last day?

  • If your pet is doing daycare, would you like them in daycare on their last day?

Liability Release

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